Cotton 100% (cotton).

Physical Properties of Cotton Fabric


Fiber Cover Will have a width Equal. Or is similar to a width of 12-20 microns at the Center of the fiber is wider than the Head and Tip. The Cotton fiber Length depends on several factors, such as Tanks with Cotton Varieties. Weathering. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . growth and Cotton fiber is commonly used mainly About 7/8 inch and Technology used in the textile fiber Length of Cotton Industry is About 1/2 inch.


The Sleek Cotton in general. It's going to be a Little To Enhance it with decorations such as Merrill Services Cotton Rice.


The sticky Tough Cotton is Medium. Is it About 3.0-5.0 grams per Tough to Residence Baer. The toughness is Increased when Wet. Fibers are Stronger than when when Wet Dry, About 25-40% strength, flexibility and stretching. Ka Fai has. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . been relatively low in flexibility. It is a stretch of 3-7 percent up to 10 percent Jochen About sometimes before the Break. To Return to the Original Contract Will Shrink Back If You. Hold. the. Priesthood. of. 2.%. to. 74.%. and. out. its. Original. . 5% if You Hold out to Shrink Back to its Original 50%.


Recovery of the Cotton and Cotton fiber Recovery was low. Ayub and Easy. 


Cotton (Cotton)  is a cellulose fiber Made from the flowers of Cotton. The fabric is Made from long fibers Cotton Varieties. Surface of the fabric is Smooth and Durable depending on quality of Cotton Variety. The Length and Smooth the fiber. . Cotton fiber. . . . . . . . . . . . . Itself is seldom strong However, when woven Into a fabric. It has sturdy fabric woven texture The - Tight Stronger even absorb Moisture. Perfect for towels, handkerchiefs, Cotton, thin to Medium thickness. Wear. a. dress. Will. Feel. cool. in. Summer. . . . Features of the Cotton.

• crease to Mangle difficult. But the Decor (Finish) Gave seldom-worn Clothes and Mangle easier.

• Wash with Detergent Dry at temperatures High.

• insects, but will not eat moldy.

• No burning rubber burns like paper ash gray soft.



1. fabric to Shrink Through the First Wash. Wash Frequently Shrink to stretch and when bias is not difficult Easy to maintain the crease. Old Pale fast.

2. Fabric higher TC and TK.

3. The price depends on the quality and fabric shops.


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